Are you a Doctor.!? This is what I feel for you.!!

Why are we not able to empathize with them? Whether all doctors have empathy towards self and others? Can we empathize with them as well? or at-least can we understand what they are going through in their lives? Are they obligated to face these challenges? Are they not being traumatized? Why they feel insecure about the system, despite they help people directly/indirectly?

A talk with my students!

These are the lines always hits me very hard, every now and then when doctors (most of my students, I interact) has to face an unusual situation in several parts of the world and especially in our country!

Yes! Doctors made a choice to save lives but, is that at the cost of their own lives and self esteem? I see it as a “BIG NO” as most pack of people choose some non-professionals (babaas, gurus & self-claimed healers) over doctors, educators and psychologists and tries to fix their issues, out of their fears, belief systems and lack of trust on the whole process or system. Even after with lot of awareness campaigns and educating online and offline, the choices made by people in the difficult times remains the same but blame was put also on the healthcare professionals.

I hear a lot from my students, friends who practice medicine that they are not feeling safe anymore. I feel if we have to choose a place where we can feel safe, secure, respected which bring life a meaning. And in search of meaning, we have every right to move anywhere in the world. Life without meaning tends to remind the ROBOTS and doctors can’t be a ROBOT even after developments in AI in coming millennium..! But, ROBOS can be Non-empathetically healthcare providers in future. If ROBOT’s replacing doctors it means that is the point where, we need to check the direction in which the entire humanity leading to. It’s the beginning of an END of something in-valuable…! That is, the humanity itself and the human touch itself.  

Though these lines looks little blurry, but this is an inevitable future that, we don’t want to be part of. If the attitude or the way the healthcare professionals are treated across the globe.

As I interact with my students I can understand the emotional trauma they are undergoing and I empathize with them. In the light of growing concerns of doctors about their safety, the ill treatment by few people and system over-power etc., makes difficult to empathize with them Beyond one point. as they are put in lot of unusual context and the way the receive treatment in several parts of our country (only tears rolls down each time) In situations like this, I can be an empathetic listener to you guys asusual.

Vamsy Krishna

Super 6 Educator

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