COVID-19 Awareness


Yes..!!!!! Right Here..! Click on this to watch: Awareness on COVID-19 By BVians ; Bharathi Vidyalaya School, CBSE. Gobichettipaalayam, TN

Awareness on COVID-19 from BVians

On Behalf of The Entire Humanity, we are in this fight united by hearts & brains to fight against, to stand against this health crisis.!
This is a movement lead by a common man, a movement of social responsibility.!
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COVID 19 Awareness – Myth Busters by M N Kathir BVS, Gobi XII Grade

COVID-19 Awareness: What we should do???? by Saran Rakav BVS, Gobi XII Grade

COVID 19 Awareness – Stats by M N Kathir BVS, Gobi XII Grade

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