Creator of Creation..?

We hardly believe the fact that “we are a bunch of molecules”

like any other living creature of this whole universe and our mankind is made of common matter that exists across the living world. We used to perceive things differently before we proved the existence of molecules. We do believe in creator and creation of all similar things. But still, there are unthinkable differences in the hearts and minds.

Our perception depends on reference and most of the tie biased by whom we are perceiving. We perceive only their perception, which may be obsolete. We can call it as observation until it is tested and it can’t be factual. But in science, there are lot more facts that are to be discovered.

We usually think that beliefs of other people around us has nothing to do with our own beliefs and our mind would drop the thoughts when it finds them irrelevant.

Based on all the above assumptions, I tried to propose a philosophical view towards creator.

If we cannot prove some new hypothesis, we have to accept the existing one.

Though we confine to the concept of GOD that he/she/other is the one who created the creation, we fail to explain about creator. We end up looping the thought in the form of question. Is the universe an accident? Or is it a perfect plan of the creator? did they created all these celestial bodies and galaxies? Though we don’t know the answer, we conclude that we should have fear of God.

Society and people tried to convince even Einstein with their own theories. But still, he perceived and believed everything differently. He thought differently from what was inscribed in old scriptures and what Sir Isaac Newton concluded as modern science.

The irony is, we always want a superior being who keeps an eye on our lives, so that in hardships, we can look upon to the concept of God to overcome. This is a mind-boggling question to me. It is impossible to understand why most of the humans give their lives to superior being on the name of faith and salvation? Is it just a genuine Faith or unexplained fear of uncertainty?

“Logically, if we believe in creator of creation, we will be implicitly believing the destroyer of creation. We think that there is creation and destruction. Then we can infer that there are two points i.e., start and end. Therefore we have to believes in “the plan of God or divine plan”

Being a microbiologist, I cant stop myself from quoting an example. In past centuries, we believed that, disease and death are curses of God and as a result, we failed to save millions of lives.

Scientifically, if we think that there is a plan of God., we ascertain our daily activities in fulfilling/fitting into the concept of divine plan. We might overlook what we are searching in our lives or sometimes end up in doing something that is unexpected. We might try to justify happening by refering experiences and examples, that we come across in our life. Ultimately we try to take control by begging for smooth implementation, make offerings and perform rituals to God. We end up in developing irrational belief system. With this belief system, we will never ever get a chance to question the existence of god or creator. We might take things for granted.

One day, we are going to name believing phase as blind phase of mankind. I believe even though God exists, i don’t keep them above humanity. in future, we might develop a new & creative perception and we might question.

So still there is an open question – “do we really need to believe in the concept of “creator or god” who is superior to mankind? can we believe that our failure is a part of Gods plan?

Vamsy Krishna

One response to “Creator of Creation..?”

  1. 1. Differences do exist in atheists!!! God has nothing to do with differences. Different potentials of humans and unavailability of resources causes differences. People use God in order to attribute their negative feelings.
    2. Why we have different subjects? Science is not the only subject. There are social, maths, etc. that is because, there are things that cannot be proved. They come under Philosophy. God and creation comes under Philosophy.
    3. People believed that diseases are curse of God and that why many people died. There is other possibility. People were dying and so people believed that diseases are curse of God!
    4. What you excepted will not happen. God concept will develop in future. Already new branch evolved to utilize the positive aspects of God and spirituality and it is called positive psychology. Definitely the present perception will change. God concept will emerge in more positive, scientific form to help people. More philosophical and spiritual aspects will emerge.

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