Dreams that were shattered

We people, especially Indians, hear the lullaby about the moon (Jabbilli) from mothers and grannys since our childhood.

We enjoy it until we realize the reality that it’s not within the reach yet. Inspite of knowing reality, still we repeat the same with our kids.

I wanted to make the fantasy true. I didn’t even thought of becoming an astronaut as I believed that there are other ways to step on moon by retaining my passion towards biology.  

I had a dream to perform experiments as microbiologist onboard (International space station).

Being an Indian, my dream still remained as a dream for me.

Like a kid who realizes the lullaby that was sung by mother was’t true, I realized that my dream of doing research about life on moon is fiction atleast for this life.

This is because, the Young minds are being nurtured by Teachers from class 1 to Ph.D. in a way that there is lowest possibility of expressing creativity and dreaming.

Often they highly reason their outdated, conventional ideas and believes as a justification for not allowing students to dream.

They completely humiliate and ignore the ones who dream like me. This situation is due to the education system that never have proper career choice at time and no interdisciplinary career exists in India so far.

Teachers and Professors stick to the given syllabus and budget terms which makes landing on moon, a sick dream and not worth for anyone.

Though Chandrayaan-1, India’s 1st probe reached moon, still we are 5 decades fall behind in the research compared with other groups in the world. About ₹5000 crore is allocated by planning commission for manned mission from India. Few speculate and argue that the budget spent on the lunar programs goes in vein and no use to a common citizen.

But, I strongly believe that the human era has lot to explore and establish which changes the face of the human civilization and remains in history.

I still amazed to see when the human lunar mission starts in India and search life out there.

Finally, The Thoughts on this topic leaves me in a state of mind where “I wonder why there was such an interdisciplinary boundaries in science and why the creator of Earth had chosen India for me where there is no interdisciplinary research!”


Vamsy Krishna


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  1. Great buddy…
    You’ll reach high

    1. Thank you friend… Everyone will have dreams and sometimes we let it go… but, when we get enough encouragement, we will achieve for sure. You can share your ideas & dreams here anytime… which depicts that we are not alone…

      1. Great!!!!!

  2. Oh my god ,crazy thoughts and an innovative mind .proud to say that u r my teacher sir , as u said practicality in edu is as important as an anchor is for a ship,even I’m interested in this field and it was very useful and this Article clearly defined the current situation of students in our country,landing on moon is def a dream fr everyone!!! So TRUST CREATIVITY !!!ACKNOWLEDGE IT !!!THEN SUCCEED

    1. Thank you nithish for kind words.. One more thing is that to change this education system we need to be a government authority, but our poor country will have uneducated or under qualified persons who decide the education system..

  3. My dear friend, its an excellent post. Actually there so many such lullabies which remains as dreams. In my perspective its not only the education system but its with our culture too. If we remember the childhood parents used to gain control over children by creating fear telling all fake and evil stories. So we all are growing up with fears and this is also one of the reason many cannot break the chains and start exploring their dreams. My request to the parents is don’t teach ur kids fear, teach them about national heroes (the real ones), bravery, moral values and responsibilities. Encourage the dreams of ur kids. In this smart phone world where everyone has it in their hands, try to search how to fulfill ur kids dreams rather than updating your pics and forwarded messages in social media.

    1. That’s true murthy, subconscious mind drag us behind since childhood.. Many of these were hindrance for dreams too…

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