What’s Our Greatest FEAR holding Us back in Life.?!

FEAR – We all have confusions and slight clarity of what is fear and how to combat it?!

Fear is an Emotional Experience of being harmed or in danger wherein with the series of physiological changes, the consciousness realizes an emotion of fear.  As Dr. C. Guyton said, “The very fact that we remain alive is almost beyond our control, for hunger makes us seek food and fear makes us seek refuge”.

We all live with fears since childhood till death… we living organisms were wired and created in nature like that. Basically in my view, fear varies from one to one and the spectra of it also varies with our awareness of something we most fear.

Fear is defined as An unpleasant feeling. It can be triggered by the perception of danger which might be real or imagined.

When we have fear of unknown, Fear of withdrawal..! Fear of rejection..! Fear of death..! Fear of Religion..!

Fear of Doing new things..!

Fear of Coming out from Comfort Zone..!

Fear of Criticism.!

Fear of Confrontation.!

Fear to Change into The NEW US.!

Fear of Failures..!

Fear of Thinking and on so on..!

Fear of Facing Reality, so we choose to live in Beautiful lies..!

These are few common fears we notice in humans. Above all phobias play a major role and we should have a clarity of differentiate between a phobia and a true fear.

Biologically fear is confined to a location of brain in which it alters the behavior and so on and made us to fall a victim of the fear.  Mastering fear is through constant practice of talking to ourselves and getting aware of our fears and increasing self-awareness on the factor that we are threatened or feared. It’s as simple as spotting the changes in ourselves in mirror by ourselves.

First of all, it’s the brain which will give response to the input given by us from environment consciously or subconsciously. In the limbic system, the Hypothalamus has a key role in controlling the fears that day to day we experience through reward and punishment centers.

It is particularly interesting that Experimental evidence demonstrate that punishment and fear can take superiority over pleasure and reward. But, theoretically alertness towards fear is naturally selected genetic effect which helped early humans to survive and reproduce under quick fear in dangerous situations. Even by poor parenting, the fears are imprinted on children since childhood is one of the major factor of living with fears.

So, we must understand that fear is inbuilt and evoke by external environment and the perception of our own mind, when we can train our mind with the fact that fear is a temporary emotion regardless of the result we must act on it, we must raise our voice when we threatened because, Fear is no good to us, when we got stuck in our lives. so, leave the fear and say I have no fear. There is unbiased motivation from Swami Vivekananda to the people who lives in fear through his writings and life practices.

Nobel laureate Ms. Malala yousafzai is one example who fought with the fears around her and made her stood against the fear of death and fear of rejection. Even after the attacks on her, she raised the voice on suppression of youth towards education and rights. When one can do..! So all can also..!

I wish we live fearless lives in future regardless of situations, position and where we belongs to, we should face the fears and challenges we take.

Because, world is full of fears.



Vamsy Krishna

Dated: 2016

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