Fighting back the Unjust

From birth to death we fight consciously or un- consciously (not Physiological) about many things that are important to us. Our fights are conscious choices within our awareness and surroundings.

We witness incidents that are Biased / unfair / unjust / prejudice. We all have a choice to make. We can either flee away or fight back.

We need to develop a habit of seeking justice through which we can maintain harmony within ourself, in family and also in society.

The immediate obstacles might appear in the situation are, fear and uncertainty of outcomes. Most of the time we ignore just because we are not stake holders of the incident at all.

This escapist attitude even develops into unseen trait within ourself. One day we will become victim of the same behavior.

Days have changed and we have very comfortable ways to fight unjust. Usually when we encounter an unjust incident.

  • First, we speak to a friend and will let someone know about what’s happening. We will explain why we feel like that.
  • After Analyzing and talking with people about incident, we understand whether it is a general issue or a specific issue that we are facing because of ‘X person”, then it will be more evident and significant..
  • We take help from supportive person.
  • If possible, we find ways to communicate to the person or a group about our feelings and resolve the issue in more assertive way.

Older posts, “Doing the right thing Vs Doing things that are easy” and “Unknowing contribution to crime” also focuses on same concept.

It is hard to fight unjust, but what happens if a genuine voice is silent ?? The wave of silence may sweep away whole humanity. 

There are tons of examples who undergone the transformation and who became responsible fo the transformation too. 

Stand up for what is right against the wrong.”  

― Suzy Kassem


Vamsy Krishna


(Written in 2016)

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