I AM..

I am who I am..!!

I don’t change any time and every time!

Only my perspective and behavior changes..!!

Changing my choices and ultimately my internal lifestyle..!!

The emotions I express are mine..!

The thoughts I share or mine..!

Even the failures I experience or only mine..!

I do what I wish and like

Sometimes, it benefits others

And many times may not

But, it doesn’t mean I am selfish.!

I have my own freedom, But

My freedom doesn’t mean to control anyone.!

My action doesn’t mean to influence anyone.!

My happiness doesn’t mean to say anyone.!

My success doesn’t mean to depress anyone.!

I have my own rules and needs

I change my habits, views, behavior in a different manner and

Even according to other’s words, maybe

But, it doesn’t mean I change me.!

Life is mine; I am mine

Time passes on, I age older and older

But still I am who I am,

in always in always and Everyways.!!!

Kiruthika V


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