It’s Time to get Vanished

I Want to get vanish from the people who judge..

People who don’t understand my intentions,

People who take me granted..

People who hurt me intentionally​..

People who act they care about me…​

People who deliberately lie…​

People with bad intentions..​

People who manipulates…​

People who are not open to see the truth..​

People lives in bunch of colorful lies​..

People who are selfish​.. ​

People who nurtures negative aspects of life,

for thier well-being​

…. I would like to vanish….​

….I would like to vanish….​

But wait..?!?! ​

Who actually should be vanished..!!! ​

I wish thier misunderstandings could get vanish..!!!

I wish thier doubts could get vanish….

Vamsy Krishna

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