Oneness in Religion

Dated: 11th June 2016, By Super6education

Religion is a dynamic and a collection of cultural practices, age old said myths combined with ethics and social behavior towards faith in supernatural beings or transcendental power.

It has many forms and cultures with which we seek the religion as a practice to reach the higher being. World’s largest religions to folk religions the basis is their beliefs and the facts that they encounter through spiritual texts and mythologies. Religion, prayer and spirituality are never a synonyms but they are separated by thin line. According to the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Prayers of different types meditative, ritualistic, requests and conversational type and etc., which starts from within i.e., self-awareness to connection to higher being.

I’m not an “atheist” nor “agnostic” and either not a “theist”. In my view, we made up of atoms and bunch of molecules grew as a human, an entity in this vast universe. But, from where the religion originate..?? It’s from our brains… It’s our mind…!! We still remember “We become what we think” a great saying by Buddha, “Religion without science is blind” said by Einstein. The faith or the belief that we grow socially does it have basis of proper knowledge.? Because, in this universe there are many untold stories we are not fully aware of.

Coming to individual level, There is a connection to Religion and prayers, the one who innately believes in his/her religion he/she follows the customs and traditions in praying (getting close to god) and finally projects their religion knowingly or unknowingly. According to Dein and Littlewood, Prayer can be viewed as a spectrum of understanding, from immaturity to maturity of an individual’s prayer life. Meaning, our prayer life since childhood to adult varies from requests to meditating in silence. We often confuse religion with the creator. In society, Humanity have to be the roots of belief/faith and change the face of the human race, not merely by the religious faith. Our faith must not be blinded with the facts and scriptures but, it have to unfold the truths based on deep felt humanity and existence of life in this universe. There is a lot to explore around us, a lot to acknowledge the great beings in past and present, which we have to reason those with our knowledge and wisdom.

As Prof.Grafman said “Maybe obeying supernatural forces that we had no knowledge of made it easier for religious forms of belief to emerge.” Meaning, when we have no knowledge on the something which we come across on our Religious social system, we tend to incline towards supernatural beliefs. One have to be critically look into his/her perception towards the religion they are into.

Individual experiences vary from immaturity to maturity where few immaturely believes the religion is a policeman of the society and few believes in oneness besides the cultural practices maturely. As an individual I experienced different religious cultures and systems… what I observed was, it focuses on the individual behavior to social behavior and ethics. In our brains the impact lasts last time when we follow and believes subconsciously what is correct and wrong which we learnt and applied. With no second thought we just follow our cultures irrespective of its application and deep meaning. So it’s our prime motto to know and understand our own culture systems and apply them in our lives to experience the truth in it.

Even though we go by the society and cultural systems there is no guarantee that the individual will be benefited by following. so, there are WARS still going on, there are discriminations still prevailing and there is poverty still shakes the common man’s believes and perspective of life to the core. because there are NO proper understanding in roots of humanity and over emphasis in the Religious system. It’s always worth to believe in oneness and deep compassion towards others. With which we can build our human race and write the history with golden letters “WE NEED NO WAR BUT, ONLY PEACE” as a global village. If we can attain this stage, at that point of time, religion will play only one role i.e., representing one’s cultural beliefs rather than deciding the “FATE of HUMAN race”.

Vamsy Krishna

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