Is Problem bigger than You? Let’s address it, let’s solve it…!

When we have problem either we tend to fight back or fly away.

My Method of Problem Solving

Many of the problems are fundamental in nature. First we have to understand the nature and origin of the problem, either it has roots of childhood, adolescence or an adult stage. either they relate to care, basic needs, identity crisis, emotional state, moral dilemma, conflict with past decisions, economical crisis so on and so forth.

These all appear overlapping but if we carefully examine we can get the pattern of it.

If it’s quite huge then try this method:

First understand by dismantling the problem as

Emotional component.!

Logical component.!

Persons involved.!

Persons not to be involved during solution.!

Your Role in it.!

Your own set of beliefs and imposed by someone.!

Your own set of values.!

Nature of action: swiftly or immediate or prolonged

Solution: Temporary or Long term

NOTE: If you don’t address the problem and try fleeing away there is a huge probability of getting the same thing over again and again because we have fixed patterns of problems in life time.

It’s not advisable to play a blame game, many of us don’t take decisions because of the fear of getting blamed or not ready to take the responsibility of decisions they make. So know about the problem in all possible angles and try addressing it and take responsibility for whatever you decided to.

If you too prolong the idea of holding the problematic situation you may become anxious eventually.

Temporary solution may sedate the situation, but will not resolve at all.

long term, well thought and addressing the roots of the problem is advisable, may take a bit time to arrive to a conclusion but sure its worth to take time.

Vamsy Krishna D


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