Sometimes, all we need is an ear to listen and a hand to help.

We all have things we cannot share with anyone, neither friends nor family. SUPPORT GROUPS are the perfect place to open up and speak fully naked, where people like us come together to share problems and pour their hearts out(without hiding anything).

It made me feel I was not alone and was not the only one suffering in silence. It helped me accept that we all have our hardships and that they don’t have to be compared to anyone. They need to be expressed, understood, and empathized with – which the support group serves.

At times, we may feel like we are walking in a dark room, but having another person hold our hand in the darkness makes it better (a zillion times better). To me, they are my therapists who have been consistently objective, pragmatic, empathetic, genuine, and brilliant at what they do.

Perhaps, you may experience a similar journey. If you have been trying out a hundred thousand things to better your life, do not miss out on this one.

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