You gave me motivation when I am sad

Sir your teaching is useful for every children that the way u approch towards the students and subject is amazing sir.👍 And my personal experience was started when I was 11 years old I had a experience for 3 years from 6std to 8std sir those 3 years are my best years in my life time sir. And one i want convey is about my experience u are my best wisher for every part my life sir when i studying u gave me a support like i am your brother sir u gave me motivation when i am sad u gave me your most affection and love towards me it gave more energy to learn more things form u sir. And one thing that I will not forget in my life time sir. When i am studying 6th STD i was struggled for speek in English language sir. U gave me a dictionary to learn English for speeking and and writing sir u gave me more motivations for learning things and sir i am still having the dictionary sir. I had wonderfull experience with u sir and journey with u is amazing to me sir i had learnt many things from u sir thank u for giving a wonderful experience sir. The journey and learning with is most unforgettable days for me sir thank u taking care me sir.🙏 With lovinfly u r sivaganesh sir

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