“Unheard Voice of Teachers in the Midst of COVID crisis” and “Then Unsung Heros, now Silent warriors”

Pillars of Nation!? Youth, Yes..!!!  and the sculptures of this youth Teachers..!!! and Nation builders, We the Teachers..!!!

This implies, that we teachers shapes the nation. And we are abandoned by the institutions/nation.. Unheard.. Not-empathized.. Underrated…Over pushed to work by few state Govt. & institutions during this Covid19 crisis!

We teachers not all but many has no partiality towards children.

We teachers not all but most of us passionately works towards the child’s future (in all spheres) In this crisis, we teachers were called as a Family by institutions and no longer share our responsibilities nor our hardships.

We teacher’s works round the clock to meet deadlines even in this health crisis..!  Our pay was cutoff and work & responsibilities were doubled..!

Few were Many Teachers thrown out of jobs and were pushed into lot of confusions and self-doubt..!

Is this the way we treat nation builders? Yes! For most of the people we are just facilitators and can be replaced easily by someone or a bot… But, there is a difference between information, knowledge and wisdom… Indian education system at least needs knowledge… Needs us… More than that a student needs wisdom and we are defiantly needed and our role/intentions are irreplaceable.  

Institutions that claims to be a family, At Difficult times, abandoned teachers!

We Teachers were very much got manipulated every now and then..! We got fake promises and were given fake appreciation… teachers who are self-aware are more vulnerable and who are not self-aware are most vulnerable group of working yet underrated professional.

In the midst of the crisis we teachers were given fake motivation, shown fake concern & manipulated, which is more frustrating than the COVID Crisis itself…but still we are a family, just like a non-functional, abusive, fictional & unhappy family..!

We teachers claims not; we are masters nor bosses nor leaders..! We work in silence! For teachers teaching is heavenly..! The soul of education..!  

We work in midst of crisis..! We were made to work in crisis even without credibility nor accountability.

We are equally effected more effected like people who are struggling in this crisis without able to lead a healthy and happy normal life, yes we are abandoned.

In the middle of crisis, we teachers, were abandoned by institutions!! There is Difference between being Loyal and Being a Slave in this modren Era, where most of us (we, the teacher’s) fail’s to introspect.

This is the Unheard Voice of many teachers most teachers right now in India and different parts of the world.

I’m One among u,

Vamsy Krishna


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