Step 2: Choose Package

Fee per one session:
Rs 1000 /-
Rs 500 /- for Students
Rs 2000 /- for NRIs and Overseas Citizens

10 Sessions Package Price:
Rs 7000 / – (30% discount)

5 Sessions Package Price:
Rs 4000 /- (20% discount)

Step 3: Pay FEE

Gpay to +91 7680957553
Transfer to Account Number: 0432104000196031
IFSC code: IBKL0000432
Name: V V N Vamsy krishna D
Bank: IDBI

Step 4: Book Slot

Timings: 10pm, 12pm, 4pm, 6.30pm
Working Days: Mon to Sat

You will receive a link to join zoom meeting via mail.
In the same mail, you will also find links to reschedule or cancel appointment.

Step 5: Join Zoom Meeting

Requirements to attend session:
Good internet connection
Private space
Zoom installed in your device (preferably laptop)

About ME

I met with an accident when I was a child and due to changes that it brought in my body, I developed body image issues. I was bedridden for several months and felt suffocated. After that, several traumatic events like death of mother, sister and breakup happened in my life. My trauma and grief troubled me by negatively affecting all areas of my life. I learned Psychology in natural way while dealing with my issues. Seeing patterns in my own behavior, becoming self aware and healing myself inspired me to become Psychologist.

MA Psychology (IGNOU), M.Sc Molecular Microbiology (University of Hyderabad), Foundations of Positive Positive Psychology Specialization (University of Pennsylvania)

Past / Present Experience:
1. Intern at Mind SolaceGVA Institute of PsychologyNIMHANS
2. Indo German Science and Technology Centre Project Fellow