Where am i, in this Healing Journey.?!

“Having said realized about some problem is not enough but have to get an insight” If insight being non-objective isn’t enough but have to “observe” those insights in actions. As evidently thoughts and observations aren’t enough to transform but acceptance of self is more important choice to choice & point to point in life. The journey of healing completes and a new beginning will emerge by “being authentic”.

It’s a journey from unknown self to authentic self.

According to me, the journey is bit long and not rosy.!

Denial> Feeling something fishy > guessing something wrong > intuition about it > Realisation > insights > observations based on insights > thoughts > Feelings asssoiciated > choices exploration > actions based > self-acceptance > Selfesteem > Selfcompassion > repeated behaviour by being authentic > Creativity > Ideas Overflow >transformation and a new begining with authentic self.

Happy Healing

Vamsy Krishna

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