Will You Do The Right Thing or The Easy Thing?

Right from the birth we have the freedom of choice and as we grow up, our conscious mind makes choice based on the belief system.

Belief system is formed by our own values, thoughts and attitude towards situations that we encounter.

We see from the perspective of right and wrong. Even though it is difficult to uphold righteous ideas ideal societal norms, we chose the right path for different reasons.

Edit: Sometimes we do right just for the sake of doing right, this is because of we get influenced by Parents, fellow beings & Society. As there is no universal right or wrong, People should do what is Right for them, it should come from Selfawareness.

Otherwise, we may endup in judging people thinking it’s right for them. And finally has bad outcomes.

In my perspective, doing easy things can define our attitude towards risk taking behavior or growth mindset. Our attitude will keep us in unproductive safe zone, which later on turns to be overwhelmingly painful. Sometimes in life, we need to take a stand in favor of things that are not easy because they are right.

For example, showing empathy on needy people in disturbing situations and supporting them requires bold heart. That is the right thing to do. Behaving irresponsibly and ignoring the situation is the easy option.

There are so many examples that we come across in our daily life – It’s easy to ignore! It’s hard to forgive! It’s hard to understand the issues! It’s hard to discuss about the root causes of problems!

Doing right thing even in unfavorable situations is very much required because, at the end of the day we are products of our actions that we make.

Conscious mind and its components

Above picture depicts that, our conscious mind gets stimuli from surroundings. Stimuli that were processed in the form of thoughts, thoughts are generated based on our attitude and they determine our course of action.

So, we need to be aware of our thoughts and values. That eventually helps in taking decision which contributes to welfare.

So, What do you do.? Doing what is right, or what is just easy!?


Vamsy Krishna


2 responses to “Will You Do The Right Thing or The Easy Thing?”

  1. Article is perfect. Coming out from comfort zone is key of success and growth!
    There is one more angle that needs to be added to this article. People should understand what is right and what is wrong to them. There is no universal right or wrong.
    You mentioned, “Sometimes we do right just for the sake of doing right”… This is because we gets influenced by society, family and culture. At one point of time, lack of self awareness and false adjustment will show very bad impact.

    1. Yeah.. Social construct and influence by society… I agree..

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